Academic Year: 2014-2015

My department requires that every Spring I complete a “mini-cv” and a brief analysis of my academic year. To help log my academic development I have included them below.


My summary of the year

During the academic year 2014-2015 I was in my second year in the History of Science program at the University of Oklahoma. During this time I took all the necessary courses to ensure completion of the master’s degree by the end of my second year. During this time my research interests transitioned from the Ancient and Medieval era to the Renaissance. In the Spring I will be defending my thesis, which analyzes a sixteenth-century debate over the certitude of mathematics. Dr. Vermij was my advisor for this project, with Dr. Magruder and Dr. Livesey as my other committee members. After my defense, I plan to apply to the PhD program.

My Latin skills have significantly improved over the course of the last year while working on my thesis. However, I still think I have room for improvement, especially in my familiarity with the linguistic nuances of the time period. In Spring 2015 I took a Latin exam that was administered by my committee. My committee was satisfied with my work, though they would like for me to continue developing my Latin skills. This past year I also took Beginning Arabic classes at the University of Oklahoma, and plan to continue on into Intermediate Arabic next year.

In addition to my formal academic development, I have also had the opportunity to continue working with Dr. Magruder on the Galileo’s World exhibition. My main task has been to help organize the education initiatives, such as the docent program and K-12 education outreach.


My mini-cv for the year

1. Progress in Academic Program

Dr. Vermij is the chair of my committee, with Dr. Magruder and Dr. Livesey as the other members.

Courses taken during fall 2014:

  • HSCI 5523 – Seminar: Advanced Studies in the History of Renaissance and Early Modern Science, Dr. Rienk Vermij
  • Paper: The Retrial of Galileo in Pietro Redondi’s “Galileo Heretic”
  • HSCI 5550 – Seminar: Historical Technology Studies, Dr. Peter Soppelsa
    • Paper: The Historiography of Twentieth-Century Book Studies: What is a Book?
  • ARAB 1115 – Beginning Arabic, Ms. Muna Rehman


Courses taken during spring 2015:

  • HSCI 5960 – Directed Readings in the Historiography of Renaissance Aristotelianism, Dr. Kerry Magruder
  • HSCI 5980 – Research for Master’s Thesis, Dr. Rienk Vermij
  • ARAB 1225 – Beginning Arabic, Ms. Muna Rehman

2. Teaching Assistantships

  • None during the 2014-2015 academic year.

3. Scholarly Activity

  • Invited Lecturer, Oklahoma Baptist University, MSP K-12 Workshop, July 2014.
    • Presentations given:
      • What is the History of Science?
      • Should the History of Science be Rated X?
      • What is Gravity?

4. Academic Activities and Service

  • General member of the University of Oklahoma History of Science Students’ Association.
  • Research Assistant for Dr. Magruder in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015
  • Managed the bibliography for Galileo’s World in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 and helped in the creation of the docent and K-12 education programs for the upcoming Galileo’s World exhibition.

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