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New Transcription: William of Ockham, Brevis summa libri Physicorum

Over the past few years, Dr. Steven Livesey and I have analyzed a new manuscript of William of Ockham’s Brevis summa libri Physicorum. We have an article coming out sometime Spring 2019 which includes our analysis of this particular manuscript (Saint-Omer, Bibliothèque d’Agglomération du Pays de Saint-Omer (BA) 317, fol. 44ra-61vb) and its relationship to the other three manuscripts already known.

In the process of analyzing the manuscript, we decided to transcribe the entirety of it and to publish the PDF of it in an open repository at the University of Oklahoma – ShareOK.

The citations in the apparatus for this transcription have been taken over from Brown’s edition, with two modifications. First, all citations to Ockham’s Expositio in libros Physicorum Aristotelishave been updated to their corresponding locations in volume IV and V of the Opera Philosophica, replacing references to Philotheus Boehner’s anthology as well as the manuscript Oxford, Merton College 293.4 The second change in this transcription is that the “infra” and “supra” references from Brown’s edition have been updated to their corresponding location in this particular transcription. The editors would like to thank Stephen Brown for his kind permission to reproduce his textual apparatus in this transcription.

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