Current Projects

1) Dissertation: Spiritual Optiks: Early modern optics and Jesuit visual culture (Provisional)

My dissertation examines the relationship between optics and visual culture among the Jesuit Order during the Scientific Revolution. One of the most important contributions my dissertation makes to the broader period of late medieval and early modern history is to draw together topics that are oftentimes studied by historians in isolation. For instance, during the early modern period optics involved religious, technological, mathematical, physical, artistic, medical, and even philosophical considerations.

2) Early Modern Theories of Mathematics

My master’s thesis focused on a sixteenth-century Italian debate regarding the ontology of mathematics. I have presented portions of it at conferences, and am working to prepare an article-based version of it.

3) Lynx Open Ed –

Since the Summer of 2014 I have been working with the curator of the History of Science Collections at the University of Oklahoma, Kerry Magruder, to jumpstart an educator group associated with exhibits in the history of science at the University of Oklahoma. Our stated aim is “collaborating in exhibit-based learning” and as a result we work with K-12 teachers, university faculty, and the interested public. Initially organized as a simple WordPress website, in the summer of 2016 we launched a Drupal-based website (the current one) to better facilitate the hosting of OER’s (open educational resources) as well as the interaction among members.

4) The Sky Tonight –

A “cultural archaeology of the stars”, The Sky Tonight is a work in progress, to piece together the many layers through which humanity has viewed the night sky. It is a project completed in collaboration with Kerry Magruder and Aja Tolman, utilizing the rich star atlases of the OU History of Science Collection. The project is currently undergoing significant development, but should hopefully launch Fall 2019.

5) T. F. Torrance Bibliography Project

In collaboration with Kerry Magruder and Gary Deddo, the bibliography project is a collaborative digital humanities project focused on the publication and reception history of Thomas F. Torrance, James B. Torrance, and David W. Torrance. See for more information.